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Village Tour on Canoeing

This is the most authentic way of exploring the backwaters on a canoe.

The Canoe is an wooden canoe with a canopy, four people can easily sit inside. The canoe is being moved by rowing by a boatman, he will take you through the rivers and canals.

The trip start at 7 am in the morning and sailing for about one our, then you have breakfast from the village.

After the breakfast the trip start again and then cruise through the canals. There you can see the local people are engaged in fishing, farming and day to day activities of their life. You will have the lunch from the Village, typical Kerala fish curry meals. After the lunch you will return to the starting point.

The overall time of the trip is about 6 1/2 hours. The backwater bodies include rivers and canals.

We also conduct the trip in hour wise too.


Hourly tours

The hourly tour starts from the town so it cannot go much deeper to the backwaters.

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